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Geothermal Heat Pump System Manufacturers and Brands

There are quite a few geothermal heat pump manufacturers and system brands available today and most of them are very good. Some of of the manufacturer names you are familiar with because they also make conventional HVAC equipment. Trane may be the best known of the bunch. Others, like Water Furnace and Climate Master are geothermal heating and cooling specialists.

This Geothermal Guide article gives you the most common geothermal heat pump manufacturer brands and information about their geothermal system energy lineup.

Top Rated Geothermal Brands


Trane is one of the largest manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment in the country and so it was natural for them to develop geothermal technology as well. The Trane geothermal lineup is known as Trane EarthWise and there are 3 primary models.

The top of the line is the T2GX/T1GX in 2-stage and single-stage options. It boasts a 29.4 EER which is very efficient and is equipped with a variable-speed blower for indoor comfort. Other Trane EarthWise geothermal heating and cooling units include the T2GY 2-stage geothermal heat pump and the T1GC single-stage model.


Carrier make some of the highest-rated air-based heat pumps on the market and the Carrier geothermal heat pump with 6 different series is just as impressive.

The top of the line is the packaged Carrier GT-PX Series geothermal heating and cooling system with 2-stage operation and up to 31.5 EER. The GT-PX Split Series offers installation versatility and is a good choice for a home addition or the second floor of a large home. The geothermal unit can be in the basement and the air handler or furnace can be installed in a different part of the house.

The GT-PG Series is a single-stage series that is slightly less efficient though more affordable. The Carrier GT-PE geothermal cooling and heating system is a split system that features an outdoor unit and an indoor air handler or furnace, making it a good choice for homes without a basement. The Carrier GT-PW High Temp and standard GT-PW geothermal units are hydronic systems, also called water to water system. This means that the heat collected by the water in the loop is transferred between water in a radiant heat system.

Climate Master

Climate Master heat pumps might be the top-rated geothermal heating and cooling systems currently available. Climate Master keeps it simple with just one geothermal system, the Tranquility Series heat pump system.

The Climate Master Tranquility 20 TS Series is a single-stage, single-speed model though a variable-speed blower is an option. The Tranquility 27 TT Series from Climate Master is 2-stage with a variable-speed blower, providing maximum comfort and efficiency. They are standard geo thermal heat pumps but water to water operation is an option on both series. Additional options include whole-house dehumidification and downflow configuration.


Another trusted name in high-quality equipment, Bosch has a series of Geothermal products for homeowners. The Bosch geothermal heat pump systems come in 3 series.

The Geo 1000 WA BP Series offers single-stage, affordable geo thermal heat pumps in horizontal and vertical configurations. Next up is the Bosch Geo 3000 WA Series with single-stage CP models and the 2-stage Bosch CE Series geothermal heat pumps. These units are more efficient than Geo 1000 WA models. Top of the line is the Bosch Geo 6000 WA/WW geothermal heating and cooling systems. They offer high efficiency for lower utility costs. The Geo 6000 WA/WW TA Series and the TW Series are both 2-stage operation that enhances indoor comfort while doing a better job of controlling humidity.

The commercial division from Bosch is known as Florida Heat Pump and we mention that because when talking about this company, the name Florida Heat Pump and Bosch are sometimes used interchangeably for their residential products. Learn more about Florida heat pump here.

Water Furnace

Water Furnace makes the very popular and highly-rated Envision geo thermal heat pump as well as many other quality lines. Water Furnace has package unit models, split system models with a remote air handler, and hydronic models designed for heating household water or supplying heated water to a radiant floor heat system.

Leading models from Water Furnace include the best-selling 30 EER Envision package geothermal heat pump and the Envision split system, outdoor split system and 2 hydronic systems. Water Furnace also makes the Synergy 3D, the Legend, and the Versatec Ultra.

Finally, this geothermal guide lists several of the high-quality heat pump brands with proven efficiency, performance and durability you can expect to hear about as you begin getting quotes from area Geothermal Contractors. If you are researching the top geothermal heat pump systems on the market, this information provides a good place to begin.

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